Background Note: 

Sunderban Bonomalipur Community Development & Research Centre (SBCDRC)  is a grass root level social organization registered under society registration act, Government of West-Bengal. It has been established in 2004.

The genesis  of SBCDRC is to play the role of a service provider friendly NGO with a view to upgrade the quality of the standard of living of EWS ( Economically Weaker Section ) families  of underprivileged remote communities  through active community organization , mobilization & participation.

 MISSION: To upgrade the quality of living of the millions of uprooted poor through socio-economic empowerment.


VISION:  To build up an ideal society where dignity, Love, peace and equality are discovered, lived and nurtured


GOALTo ensure an easy & cheaper access to afford common basic human needs including basic health care facilities for both preventive & curative measures along with need based skill development training infrastructural facilities.



According to the metaphysics of SBCDRC the focus groups are disadvantaged women, children & youths of the locality in terms of the socio-economic empowerment  by virtue of modern education, need based skill developmental training, micro-entrepreneurship programme, employment generation in order to make a ‘ model sustainable conducive  community  ‘ where most of the families would afford their regular essential commodities comfortably as well as  upbringing their future generation amidst the equitable  society .

Therefore it is understandable that SBCDRC  is aiming   for a pollution free society where people will be conscious about the deforestation  or the connotation of a forestation by virtue of social forestry,  rain water harvesting and conservation of wild lives.

In addition to that the chemical farming it is one of the most vital cause of environment as well as the of cause of many common diseases, therefore it is also an important area of SBCDRC to intervene the subject by generating awareness the communities especially the famers including building up the capacities on Indian indigenous traditional system of farming by bio-fertilizers & bio-pesticides.

For the social reconstruction there is a important role of ‘ spots & games’, keeping in mind this NGO also usually organizes football and cricket tournament every year to inspire and mobilize the ‘youths’.

                                  Needless to say, self reliance of the ‘ women & Youth group’ is one of the primary  focus of SBCDC and accordingly  has evolved a plan of action as follows :

a)    Formation of new SHGs as well as strengthening of old SHGs,

1)    Vocational training & micro-banking programme for the target women,

2)    Diary and goatary project  for the  members of SHGs,

3)    Entrepreneurships as well as marketing opportunities   for the  members of SHGs,

b)      Formation  of new Youth group,

1)    Sensitization of the target youth regarding their capacities by the resource persons of  our friendly organization, IGSSS ( Indo Global Social Service Society) through their SMILE project,

2)    Livelihood intervention through need based skill development training for the target youth,

3)    Employment generation.